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Военная хроника маленькой девочки 12 серия 'How to
While the Empire celebrates the truce, that could finally lead to an armistice and so at the end of the war, while speaking with von Rerughen Tanya on contrary explains her being aware of the fact that it's just a matter of time for the battles to start again, since the Republic and all other nations will never allow the Empire to become the most
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 11 серия
Tanya's diminished smaller company attack the battalion of Allied Kingdom mages rather than retreat. Their company use their altitude advantage but suffer heavy losses, especially when Colonel Sioux uses an illegal Trench Gun. Sioux pursues Tanya and when they come face-to-face she stabs him. She then recognizes him from their previous encounter,
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 10 серия 'Path to
Colonel Sioux is seen travelling on a ship and plotting his revenge on Tanya. Following their attack on potential locations of the enemy headquarters, Tanya’s battalion proceed to mop up and retreat. At Imperial High Council, the military undergo a grilling on their strategy of withdrawal, accused of exposing Imperial manufacturing facilities to
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 9 серия
Some days after the battle at Arene, Tanya meets Major Uger who tells her of a plan to withdraw Imperial forces on the Rhine front to draw the Republic forces into a trap. Hans von Zettour proposed this plan at the Command Strategy Conference and arranged to use Tanya’s Mage Battalion to fight a rearguard action. While the Empire spreads rumors of
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 8 серия 'Trial by
Republican mages are led by Lieutenant Colonel Severin Bientot to support a rebel uprising in Arene City, a former Republican territory in the Western Theater. Tanya and her Mage Battalion are ordered to intercept them, and destroy all resistance even if it means mean the deaths of the population as well. They find the city heavily defended.
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 7 серия 'The
At the Legadonia Entente Alliance Port Arnelus, Colonel Anson Sioux farewells his daughter as he left to take command of the relatively quiet Orse Fjord. Meanwhile at the Imperial Army Northern Theater Command Strategy Conference, Tanya proposes a strategic retreat, to resupply Imperial forces instead of a futile short-term offensive. She deduces
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 6 серия
Headquarters decides that they should wipe out Dakia and turn their attention to the Entente Alliance, but are worried that the winter supplies won't last unless they use Tanya's battalian. Later, Tanya and Viktoriya discuss the possibility of the Triple Entente being allied to the Republic and/or the Allied Kingdom, which is later shown to be
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 5 серия 'My First
Tanya holds a test to decide on whether or not the mages who have sent in applications are worthy, but most fail, and the higher-ups state her standards are too high. She declares that she will re-educate the troops in just a month, and is granted free rein on how to go about it. She holds a grueling program, with many nearly dying, to deter them
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 4 серия 'Campus
Six months after leaving the front lines Tanya is still at military university and is doing well at her studies. She meets General Zettour in the academy library and he asks her opinion of the war. She predicts that it will become a world war and outlines a strategy for the empire, using the firepower and agility of mages to minimize military
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 3 серия 'Deus
After recovering from her injuries Tanya is assigned to the Tactical Instructor squad back home to her great relief. She tests a new type of computation jewel, Elenium Type-95 but this proves as dangerous as the front lines. The jewel is unstable, but Development Chief Engineer Adelheid von Schugel pushes her to her limit. After criticizing the
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 2 серия 'Prologue'
In Tokyo in 2013, a poor performing salaryman is fired, and later, pushes the heartless supervisor who fired him in front of a train. As the supervisor falls, time stands still and he hears the words of God coming from the people at the station. He says that he does not believe in God, nor the devil, so calls the entity Being X. Being X decides to
Военная хроника маленькой девочки 1 серия 'The
The Empire army is fighting a losing battle at the Rhine theater before Platoon 3 mages arrive led by Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff who blows up the enemies below using an explosion spell. The Empire was once a prime military power but is now surrounded by several strong enemies. The Empire implemented Plan 315, placing small military bases
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