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Поющий принц: реально 3000% любовь 13 серия
QUARTET NIGHT and STARISH fight for the entry song of the SSS competition. As soon as the judges are deciding which one of the two contestants will win, HEAVENS has their first debut since their defeat to STARISH during the UtaPri Award, debuting now as a 7-member band. The battle continues on for the confirmed 4th season.
Поющий принц: реально 3000% любовь 12 серия 'Вечер
It's finally time for the Triple S concert, and QUARTET★NIGHT performs again (although in a longer and polished version) their song "Evolution Eve", leaving STARISH, Haruka and the whole theater impressed.
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STARISH debates about what to do about Haruka since she's gotten close to QUARTET★NIGHT and they tell STARISH they'll fight for keeping Haruka as their composer. As soon as she returns, they sing her a new song, "THANK YOU".
Поющий принц: реально 3000% любовь 10 серия 'Ответ'
QUARTET★NIGHT and Haruka go on a trip to learn more about each other and write a song for Triple S. Haruka's kindness will inspire them to make a new song, they first they're able to make together.
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Reiji takes a special liking to Haruka while Tokiya and Otoya feel overshadowed by his senior.
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Tokiya and Masato are set in a Cross Unit and work with each other in order to write lyrics for Haruka's song. Everyone thinks they are a perfect pair and look forward to their new song, but with them being the last to perform and everyone having high expectations, the pressure gets to them and they are unable to come up with any good lyrics. They
Поющий принц: реально 3000% любовь 7 серия 'То
While working on his new solo song, Ranmaru increasingly devotes himself to his work with QUARTET NIGHT. However, Haruka and her friends sense Ranmaru is pushing himself too hard. Meanwhile, as Ranmaru gazes from a distance at the construction of the new Triple S stadium, nostalgic and bittersweet memories are on his mind…
Поющий принц: реально 3000% любовь 6 серия 'Святая
Haruka’s new job is composing a new song for Camus, who is performing at the opening ceremony of the Shining Tower. To learn more about him, Haruka asks to accompany Camus to work, and he agrees on one condition. Will Haruka be able to write a song to satisfy Camus, who is perfect in every way…?!
Поющий принц: реально 3000% любовь 5 серия 'Код:
For Cross-Unit Project phase two, Ren, Syo, and Cecil are tasked with producing a smart phone commercial. However, all three insist on their own idea and can’t manage to agree. Haruka is worried about the boys, and the deadline approaches ruthlessly…
Поющий принц: реально 3000% любовь 4 серия
When Haruka arrives at the shooting location of an upcoming film starring Ai, his costars Natsuki and Syo describe the perfection of his acting. However, Ai is unable to understand one of his lines…
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Shining puts together the Cross-Unit Project for STARISH. The first phase features a rock musical starring Otoya and Natsuki. Though they’re both overflowing with enthusiasm, they’re given unexpected roles…
Поющий принц: реально 3000% любовь 2 серия 'Золотая
When Shining refuses to enter STARISH in the Triple S concert, the members of STARISH trust in their potential and agree to work harder than they ever have before. Meanwhile, STARISH and NIGHT QUARTET head to a resort to film for a variety TV show.
Поющий принц: реально 3000% любовь 1 серия 'Кости
Shining Agency’s idol group STARISH, composer Nanami Haruka, and senior idol group QUARTET NIGHT have been making steady progress expanding their field of activity…
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