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With excitement and anticipation in the midst of the strange, swirling hype, the live performance face-off for the Uta☆Pri Award has finally begun. Now, we watch as the overwhelming live performance of HE★VENS unfolds. In fact, the power and quality are great enough to leave ST☆RISH speechless, but with the feelings Haruka has
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ST☆RISH is busy preparing for the UtaPri Award show, but Cecil is having trouble learning choreography because he's used to only dancing the Agnadance of his home country. Syo offers to teach Cecil how to dance, surpising everyone since they never got along initially. During this time, the seniors all have different reactions to the progress
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The thought of ST☆RISH possibly being disbanded has made Haruka become determined to write a song that can beat anything, which causes the ST☆RISH boys to become very worried about her. Tokiya invites Haruka to listen to the song she gave him, which he sang in an advertisement that is being played in the city. After the song finishes,
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HE★VENS gets a formal introduction as they accept their nomination for the UtaPri award. Not only is HE★VENS favored to win the award, but their boss is longtime rival on Shining Saotome, Raging Ootori. Shining makes the the competition more interesting by proposing both groups sing songs writting by the same composser, Haruka. Both
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Everyone is shocked to hear that Cecil has gone back to Agnapolis. While some think he might not return to Japan, others, especially Haruka, believe he will definitely come back. Haruka has also finished a new song for ST☆RISH to include Cecil's voice. The rest of ST☆RISH are excited to sing the new song, but can't without Cecil, so
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ST☆RISH, QUARTET NIGHT, Haruka and Cecil take a vacation at the Shining Agency's resort house. While the seniors and juniors enjoy their time off, Haruka is busy trying to write a new ST☆RISH song, but with not much success. The ST☆RISH boys find Cecil singing the tune to his song from Haruka, and they are all happy that he
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Natsuki gets a job for a gravure lipstick ad, unaware that it was actually meant for Natsuki's other personality, Satsuki, being scouted after the events of the HAYATO concert. Syo and Haruka reveals to the rest of ST☆RISH the truth about Natsuki's split-personality. Unable to attend the shoot, Syo asks Haruka to go along with Natsuki, much
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Ren is invited to be a model for the Japan Boys Collection fashion show. The show is sponsored by the Jinguji Group, which brings back unpleasant memories for Ren of how his brother, Seiichiro, made him become an idol to be a poster boy for the family business, and makes him think the show is just a way for the company to use him for their
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ST☆RISH is very impressed with how much Otoya has improved with his singing, and they believe he has been doing voice training without them knowing because he disappears sometimes. Otoya later goes to appear on a variety show along with Cecil. When Cecil is asked to do impressions on the show, Otoya is worried that he will mess up since he
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Masato is invited to audition for the lead role in a historical play, Singing Swordsman of Justice. While everyone thinks this role is perfect for him, he takes the love scene in the script too seriously, saying there must be true love in order for a couple to embrace naturally. Even when ST☆RISH help him practice for the audition, he still
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Syo's dream of acting with his idol, Ryuya Hyuga, come true when he gets a role in the new Prince of Fights special. While the members of ST☆RISH think they've become full-fledged idols after releasing a CD and getting job offers, Shining Saotome tells them they are far from being true idols. Shining suggests that in order to become great
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Haruka finds herself meeting once again Cecil, who believes that Haruka is his savior and attempts to thank her with a kiss. Haruka wakes up back in her room and believes that her night with Cecil was all just a dream, but during her walk on the campus the next day, she hears a beautiful yet familiar voice. Meanwhile, ST☆RISH members also
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ST☆RISH had a successful debut, and now they are professionals! It's time for the Master Course. Haruka Nanami moves to the dorms and meets up with her ST☆RISH colleagues. They eventually meet up at their large training room, where Haruka gives everyone an individual song. Suddenly, the Shining Saotome arrives and introduces QUARTET
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