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Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 13 серия
The Principal asked Haruka if she possesses the heart of a pro or if she was just a fan of ST☆RISH because she had stated earlier that she was just happy to hear them sing together. Haruka couldn't answer and everyone protested but the Principal would not hear any of it. Ren and the others threatened not to debut if Haruka won't be the one
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 12 серия 'Сердце
Paparazzi have infiltrated Saotome Academy and found out that Tokiya is really Hayato. Everyone is shocked by this revelation and struggle to make sense of it while eagerly awaiting Tokiya's return. Upon his arrival, Tokiya explained his reason for disguising himself as his own younger twin brother to everyone and humbly asked to be part of their
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 11 серия 'Карта
Himura, Tokiya's manager learns that he's a student in Saotome Academy. He then increases Tokiya's workload to make him too busy to attend school. Meanwhile, Haruka and the other members begin working on a new song she wrote called "Map of the Future." Everyone noticed that Tokiya is always late for rehearsals because of his "part-time job" but
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 10 серия 'Давай
Haruka became the topic of the school for having six people who have listed her for the pairing. Later on she meets her teacher, Tsukimiya-sensei, and asks him if she can drop out, while Haruka is still saying it he rejected it and said that if she drops out, the six boys who designated her as their partner would also be disqualified. Haruka can't
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 9 серия
Haruka is confronted by Otoya who speaks out his desire to have her as his graduation audition partner. Later, she is also told by Ren the same thing that Otoya had said. Not so long after, Syo, Masato, and Natsuki do the same. Hesitant on who to choose, Haruka asks for her teacher's
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 8 серия 'Вечная
The Shining Academy students are at camp on the headmaster's private island. As other students are picking their partners for the final assessment, Haruka is afraid of asking Tokiya to be her partner after their previous tense conversation. On the beach, Otoya confesses to her that he loves her music and that he has chosen her as his desired
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 7 серия 'Сердца
The episode begins where Haruka is being praised by Tsukimiya Ringo, saying that her piano performance is what should be expected from the girl who got the highest score in the current month's songwriting contest. After class, Haruka saw Ichinose Tokiya and confronted him that she knew the truth. She wonders why Tokiya is doing that kind of
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 6 серия 'Крик
Haruka is going to Hayato's concert by herself, all of her friends were worried about her getting lost! And she did but ended up meeting Shinomiya Natsuki with a different personality...... Haruka, Shinomiya Natsuki, and Kurusu Syo all went to Hayato's concert. Besides finding out about Natsuki's different personality, she also found out something
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 5 серия 'Вперёд,
Kurusu Syo really wants to audition for a part in Hyuuga's new movie the "Prince of Precipices" unfortunately, he is so scared of heights that there is no way he can get the part! However, all his friends band together to cure him of his fear... maybe they overdid it a little.
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 4 серия 'Верь
Jinguuji Ren is going to get expelled if he doesn't give his lyrics to Hyuuga-sensei. But with help from Haruka and everyone else, he finishes his song.[6]
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 3 серия
Both Haruka and Ittoki Otoya passed the project, but now Haruka has to deal with the bullying from her classmates because she didn't know how to read music, she is asked to play the piano again for them, but the comments finally get to her and she freezes up, making the situation worse. Hijirikawa Masato understands her troubles and helps her work
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 2 серия
A Class is assigned a project, to compose a new song with a partner, however, there is a twist; the idol group have to write the lyrics and the songwriter group have to write the music! Haruka is partnered with Ittoki Otoya.Her teacher Ringo Tsukimiya asks her to play the piano for the class, revealing that she can't read sheet music. With
Поющий принц: реально 1000% любовь 1 серия
Nanami Haruka is a girl who attends a music school, passionate of becoming a song writer for her idol. While aiming to achieve her dream she meets many other people who also have dreams and talents like her.[6]
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