Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон

Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 26 серия 'Великий'
Following the fight with the Sinister Six, Norman Osborn has been transformed into Green Goblin again and has captured Spider-Man's team (who have been previously defeated by the Sinister Six). Green Goblin has transformed his friends and plans to use the old Helicarrier to gas New York City. But using Dr. Connors' serum, Spider-Man transforms his
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 25 серия
Doctor Octopus and the Lizard break in to Ryker's Island (a prison for supervillains), and free Rhino, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, and Scorpion, equipping each of them with battle armor made from stolen Oscorp technology. Spider-Man's team and the Iron Patriot fight the Sinister Six, and while Spider-Man is determined to inject the Lizard with a
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 24 серия
Spider-Man tries to help the Sandman become a hero, but soon finds out that his new friend fights old instincts.
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 23 серия 'Герой со
Spider-Man forms an unlikely partnership with a cured Norman Osborn in the Iron Patriot armor when Doctor Octopus attacks with a Spider-Soldier army.
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 22 серия 'Воющие
Dracula has obtained both halves of Tekamentep's Ankh and has most of Spider-Man's team under mind control. In order to stop him activating the Ankh before sunrise, Spider-Man and Blade join forces with Nick Fury's Howling Commandos (a S.H.I.E.L.D. task force consisting of various heroic monsters) and travel to Dracula's castle in Transylvania to
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 21 серия 'Блэйд'
On Halloween night, Spider-Man's team are tasked with delivering a half of Tekamentep's Ankh (an ancient Egyptian artefact) to skilled vampire hunter Blade. They are attacked by an army of vampires sent by the vampire king Dracula, who wants to use the Ankh's power to render himself immune to vampire weaknesses such as sunlight. Once the Ankh is
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 20 серия 'Конец
When Arcade plans to launch nuclear missiles to cause World War III, Spider-Man teams up with Captain America and Wolverine where they end up in Arcade's Murderworld located in Madripoor.
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 19 серия
Spider-Man and Power Man infiltrate Zodiac's base to discover what happened to Power Man's parents.
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 18 серия 'Стражи
Spider-Man goes on a deep space adventure to save Earth from Korvac and the Chitauri.
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 17 серия 'Ядовитая
The Green Goblin is apprehended by Spider-Man's team and imprisoned on board the Tri-Carrier. He lets the Venom symbiote loose on the ship, and it separates into multiple symbiotes which take control of the crew, creating an army of Venoms. When the Goblin escapes from his cell and bonds with the original symbiote, Spider-Man has to form an uneasy
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 16 серия
Taskmaster steals a digital file containing the secret identities of every superhero who works with S.H.I.E.L.D., including those of Spider-Man and his teammates. Frustrated by a recent string of misfortune and his demanding S.H.I.E.L.D. training schedule, Spider-Man accompanies Deadpool (an absent-minded mercenary who once trained with
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 15 серия 'Останься
One dark night, the Lizard attacks Midtown High, with Spider-Man, Mary Jane, Harry and Stan the Janitor inside. Cut off from S.H.I.E.L.D. support, Spider-Man and Stan (who begins to demonstrate unrevealed qualities) must team up to take down the Lizard.
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 14 серия
During a S.H.I.E.L.D. experiment to tame the Hulk's rage, Mesmero escapes with a vengeance, exchanging Spider-Man's and Hulk's minds for another bout of vicious fun. This dilemma is severely aggravated when the Thing, thinking the "Hulk" is on a rampage, also joins the fray.
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 13 серия
After being attacked by a mysterious assassin, Danny is called back to K'un-L'un (the ancient Himalayan city in which he trained in martial arts and first became Iron Fist) by the Elder Monk and Spider-Man accompanies him. He has to take part in a contest to determine the future king of K'un-L'un, but as poison from the assassin's blade
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 12 серия
While looking for Thor missing in action, Spider-Man's team is shrunk into super-deformed versions of their own selves by one of Loki's tricks. Nick Fury has Spider-Man's team placed in the Helicarrier's D.A.Y.C.A.R.E. area, but with Thor also having been shrunk, Spider-Man's team must find a way to help Thor fight Loki and the Destroyer Armor and
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 11 серия 'Рой'
Spider-Man invents the Spider-Tracer, a high-tech tracking device he plans to plant on fleeing villains. He upgrades the Tracer with technology from Stark Industries without Tony Stark's permission, accidentally giving it the ability to produce multiple copies of itself. Disgruntled Stark Industries scientist Michael Tan uses a machine of his
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 10 серия
S.H.I.E.L.D. launch their new ship, the Tri-Carrier, which is able to split into three separate ships for different situations. For its first mission, the "Astro-Carrier" segment travels to the moon in response to a distress signal from astronaut John Jameson, who is part of a team building a lunar satellite. When Spider-Man's team find John, they
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 9 серия 'Домашний
Spider-Man's team prepares to house a surprise party at Peter's and Aunt May's home. However, an attempt by Nova to shut down the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. security installations for some privacy makes the system go crazy, while Spider-Man must also come to terms with his teammates' status as fellow houseboarders.
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 8 серия 'Карнейдж'
Peter contemplates telling Harry about his dual-life as Spider-Man, and warning him that the Green Goblin could be targeting him. The Goblin abducts Peter and forces him to bond with an improved version of the Venom symbiote, which he refers to as "Carnage". When Carnage attacks Harry's apartment, Harry takes control of the symbiote, becomes Venom
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 7 серия
Just when Spider-Man's life in New York has reached a new all-time low when J. Jonah Jameson puts out a bounty for his unmasking, he is invited by the Mayor of Boston to become the town's resident superhero and tourism mascot. Not long after that, however, Spider-Man has to contend with the Steel Spider and a group of armored supervillains called
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 6 серия 'Зловещая
Doctor Octopus assembles Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, Beetle, and Electro and lures Spider-Man to his underwater laboratory underneath the Hudson River by using Dr. Connors as bait. Things get worse for Spider-Man when Doctor Octopus forcefully transforms Dr. Connors into Lizard to complete his Sinister Six. Spider-Man tries to evade the six villains
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 5 серия 'Соколиный
The Beetle attacks the construction site of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new Helicarrier. Nick Fury orders Spider-Man and Hawkeye (a member of the Avengers) to apprehend him, but in their pursuit an explosion damages one of Spider-Man's web shooters, causing highly adhesive web fluid to leak onto Hawkeye's arm and leaving them stuck together. Spider-Man and
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 4 серия
Ava is being haunted by memories of her past and struggles to maintain control over her White Tiger amulet, becoming more aggressive and feral during training sessions. Spider-Man tries to find a way to help her, but the whole team is put in danger when Kraven the Hunter, the obsessive great white hunter who killed Ava's father, appears in New
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 3 серия 'Рино'
Spider-Man and Power Man come into conflict with the Rhino, an immensely strong rhinoceros-themed villain, who tries to steal from Oscorp's chemical shipments. At school, Peter and Luke notice Flash Thompson is bullying a shy, nerdy classmate named Alex, but they soon discover Alex's shocking connection to the Rhino and the lengths he will go to
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 2 серия 'Электро'
Electro, a villain with the power to manipulate electricity, takes control of every electrical device in New York and causes a mass blackout. Left unable to contact S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man and his team have to learn to cooperate with each other and defeat Electro without the aid of technology.
Совершенный Человек-паук 2 сезон 1 серия 'Ящер'
Spider-Man's team investigate Doctor Octopus' newest hideout, and confiscate a case containing several vials of formula made from DNA of different animals. S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist Curt Connors (whose left arm had to be amputated after the Helicarrier crash) injects himself with formula containing lizard DNA, and while it successfully restores his
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