7 гномов

7 гномов 2 сезон 11 серия 'Полон шкаф зверушек'
In preparation for Queen Delightful's serious award ceremony, the 7D pick giggleberries. Happy eats one too many and starts giggling like crazy, While Grumpy and Dopey set off to retrieve I've-Got-the-Blues berries, the other 7D try to contain Happy's laughing.
7 гномов 2 сезон 10 серия 'Сыграем в приколибол?'
It is Take Your Pet to Lunch Day in the kingdom of Jollywood, and everybody is bringing a pet, except for Sneezy, who is allergic to almost every kind of animal. In the forest, Sneezy discovers a rare featherless and hairless griffin, whom he names "Sniffy" and brings to the lunch. Meanwhile, the Glooms plan to sneak into the lunch and use
7 гномов 2 сезон 9 серия 'Хихихика'
Fed up with Happy's incessant singing, Grumpy makes a wager with Happy that if he can go a whole day without singing, the loser has to make the winner a thousand pancakes. Happy goes to Echo Canyon, a place where he can lose his voice and it stays there for the next twenty-four hours thanks to Echo Cannon. He wins the bet, but is unable to speak.
7 гномов 2 сезон 8 серия 'Гигантская блескусеница'
Bashful accidentally sends a map that leads to the Delightnotium gem to his pen pal, who turns out to be Grim. The Glooms plan to find the gem and to make Queen Delightful hideous during her yearly address to the kingdom, so it's up to Bashful to stop the Glooms before Delightful is not so delightful.
7 гномов 2 сезон 7 серия 'Сон в летнюю ночь'
Queen Delightful has Lord Starchbottom get her dress in preparation to be the grand marshal of the evening's Jollystreet Parade. When Starchbottom discovers woodland animals in the queen's closet, he reluctantly calls The 7D (minus Dopey, who is on another mission), who manage to take the pests out of the castle. However, the Glooms bring in more
7 гномов 2 сезон 6 серия 'День самых смешных
It's that time of year again in Jollywood: Funniest Haircut Day, which everyone is looking forward to, except for Grumpy, who plans on hiding in the woods and waiting the day out, but Bashful goes after him and is always one step ahead of him when it comes to hiding. Meanwhile, the Glooms pose as barbers to collect hair from everybody in Jollywood
7 гномов 2 сезон 5 серия 'Счастливый Ворчун'
When Grumpy swears at a woman for blocking their way and letting his cheese statue melt, she returns to put a curse on him where he will turn into a pile of cheese if he ever acts grumpy again.
7 гномов 2 сезон 4 серия 'Возьми питомца на обед'
After looking for a Jumbo Gem in the magical forest to complete their spell, the Glooms unintentionally disrupt a Glitterpillar, who heads towards Jollywood in search of gems and ends up in The 7D's mine. The 7D capture it, but it escapes and goes after Queen Delightful's gems. Hildy uses the Jumbo Gem to turn into a sixty-foot tall giantess.
7 гномов 2 сезон 3 серия 'Чей это вообще голос?'
An evil spirit of darkness named Nocturna kidnaps the Sandman, who helps Jollywood go to sleep, and Sunny the morning sprite, who helps wake everyone up. The 7D head to the land of Nod to try to rescue them before morning, or else everyone including Grumpy will miss the first annual Breakfast Brouhaha-haha.
7 гномов 2 сезон 2 серия 'Школа Рыцарей'
A handsome knight named Sir Charmsalot comes to Jollywood, and "saves" the kingdom from a fire-breathing dragon. Queen Delightful falls in love with Charmsalot and invites him to stay at her castle, making Bashful jealous. Along with Grumpy, Bashful enrolls in knight school, where they learn things like chivalry and jousting. When Charms-a-lot
7 гномов 2 сезон 1 серия 'Когда свиньи полетят'
The Glooms put a spell on the pigs of Jollywood to have them fly and eat all the food in the village. The villagers leave town and are attracted to join the Hildegard Estates community, of which Hildy plans to make the villagers her minions, but the 7D save the day thanks to Starchbottom's terrible tasting smoothies.
7 гномов 1 сезон 46 серия 'Простачок-фокусник'
Queen Delightful's Great Great Grandmommers Whimsical is coming to visit her at midnight. However, the Tick Tock Clock Tower gets stuck at midnight. so 7D find a replacement crystal to power the Tick Tock Clock before it is midnight forever, but as the crystal is made out of rock candy, they must get it to the tower before the candy sprites Tangy
7 гномов 1 сезон 45 серия 'Находильщик'
When about to be launched out of Jollywood by the Glooms, the 7D and Queen Delightful recap to earlier when Grumpy develops a new dance upon getting ice in his pants, leading to the 7D Dance. Queen Delightful has the 7D demonstrate the dance to all of Jollywood, and it catches on and has Lord Starchbottom be their manager. The Glooms perform a
7 гномов 1 сезон 44 серия 'Королевский поход'
While birdwatching, Hildy gets the idea to obtain the Woopty Doopty Schmoodly Duck (a yellow duck that lays bejeweled eggs) from the Kingdom of the Clouds. In order to get to the Kingdom of the Cloud to fix the Bing Bong Bell which is ringing on its own, the 7D obtain the seeds for the Bing Bong Beanstalk in order to grow it to get to the Kingdom
7 гномов 1 сезон 43 серия 'Камень мудрецов'
Dopey has been practicing a magic act as the Daring Dopini for Jollywood's upcoming show. During rehearsal, Dopey makes Sleepy disappear, but when he reappears, he is a bear. While Dopey tries to find a way to fix his magical error, the others work to keep Sleepy calm even when the 7D are summoned by Queen Delightful to attend to her party
7 гномов 1 сезон 42 серия 'Большой леденцовый
Grumpy's pet goat Giselle and the Glooms' pet warthog Peaches are drawn from their pens to the campsite of Sid the Troll, where they eat Sid's bug pudding. Sid sends the two to Lost Acres, where they are captured by another troll. Grumpy and Grim team up to search for their pets at the Lost Acres, but they must face Sid's twin brother Finders
7 гномов 1 сезон 41 серия 'Танец семи гномов'
While the 7D are having a day off at the beach, Grim poses as a genie who frees Magic Mirror from her mirror so that she can have a day off, and then distracts her by taking her around town to do different activities. Meanwhile, Hildy poses as the Magic Mirror and sends Queen Delightful on a quest to save the 7D from the Armpit of Doom so that
7 гномов 1 сезон 40 серия 'Сэр Тявколот и дворняжка'
During the Royal Walk of Sir Yipsalot, when the Stroganoff Circus arrives in town, a squirrel distracts Yipsalot, causing him to get mixed up with a look-alike who picks up Stroganoff's flea circus. The 7D must find the real Sir Yipsalot and get the Von Flea family back to the Stroganoff Circus. Once this is done, the Stroganoff Circus regains the
7 гномов 1 сезон 39 серия 'Семь лягушек'
As Queen Delightful prepares for a party for her old friend Princess Prettyhead, the inhabitants of Jollywood are turned into frogs by a spell. The 7D suspect that the Glooms were responsible only to find that they have been turned into frogs as well. The one who casts the spell can break it with a kiss. After visits to the Gingerbread Witch (the
7 гномов 1 сезон 38 серия 'Чихун и листья'
During Autumn, Grumpy and Happy use Sneezy to blow leaves to Queen Delightful's Jumpity-Jump-Jump-Jaroo Fall into Fall Day. When Hildy creates a Leaf Monster to take Queen Delightful to Gusty Gorge (a tornado-filled location where the North, South, East, and West meet), she gives Sneezy amsneezia (a condition where the person can't remember how to
7 гномов 1 сезон 37 серия 'Очень важная штуковина'
Queen Delightful has Doc invent a Thingy so that her upcoming announcement can be heard even in the next kingdom over. While Doc tries to find someplace quiet to concentrate on the plans for the Thingy, which leads to him working on the plans in the Tranquil Desert, the other 7D turn to Lord Starchbottom to teach them how to be quiet. When Doc's
7 гномов 1 сезон 36 серия 'Кошка на раскаленной
As Jollywood celebrates Jolly Day, the Glooms have their own celebration of Gloomy Day. Hildy gets irritated at the merriment, so Grim gives Hildy a device that sucks the joy out of people and they use it on the 7D and the Jollywood townsfolk. Happy and Bashful realize what is going on and try to rally everyone around the Jollywood Tree to cheer
7 гномов 1 сезон 35 серия 'Большой и страшнуй Чихун'
While ice fishing, Grumpy saves an elf from drowning. The elf, named Gingersnaps, pledges to be Grumpy's servant for the rest of his life. At first, Grumpy enjoys being served, but Gingersnaps starts doing all of his work including decorating the Jollywood Tree and speed reading his cheese book. The 7D try to free Gingersnaps from his obligation
7 гномов 1 сезон 34 серия 'Веселые бубенцы'
Hildy learns that Snazzy Shazam has a black cat, so she makes Grim buy one at the witch pet store. Grim gets a white cat, so Hildy has him look for a black cat. When she tries to get rid of the white cat, she sees it back at her house, and after several attempts, she discovers there are seven white cats. Grim sends them to the home of the 7D.
7 гномов 1 сезон 33 серия 'Печенюшка и ворчунишка'
Sneezy's sneezing has been wrecking Jollywood, especially when it's allergy season, so he leaves the 7D. In the woods, he encounters the Big Bad Wolf, who recruits him to blow down houses of the pigs, and then has him redirect a sign to trap Little Red Riding Hood, but the 7D find Sneezy and reveal what has been happening. The 7D and Little Red
7 гномов 1 сезон 32 серия 'Золушка Хильди'
Hildy prepares for the Ultimate Supreme Sorceress Pageant hosted by Snake Charming. On the way there, she falls and is covered in mud, so she wishes for a fairy godmother and gets one, but the fairy godmother is rather unconventional in granting her requests. Meanwhile, Queen Delightful summons the 7D to find her missing roller skates so she can
7 гномов 1 сезон 31 серия '«Волшебные туфли'
Grumpy's shoes make flatulent noises, so he gets them repaired by Cobby the cobbler. However, they notice that everyone in Jollywood is getting sneakers from the neighboring store, and soon discover that the new cobblers are actually the Glooms, who have put a shoe spell to make whoever is wearing their sneakers run endlessly. The Glooms take over
7 гномов 1 сезон 30 серия 'Грим-гений'
Hildy has gotten fed up with Grim's incompetence causing Grim to find a way to become smart. The Crystal Ball hears his plight and tells Grim about the Smarty Stone (a stone that increases one's intelligence) that is in Doc's possession. When Grim obtains the Smarty Stone from Doc while posing as Toasty, it makes him magically smart where he is
7 гномов 1 сезон 29 серия 'Дядя Хьюмидор'
Queen Delightful's Uncle Humidor visits with the hopes of completing his sketch book of Jollywood birds called Shiffle-Nosed Nergendingslinger. The 7D, Delightful and Starchbottom join him and he seeks the Shiffle-Nosed Nergendingslinger, a rare species that only appears once every ten years. After failing to get the bird to stay still, they get
7 гномов 1 сезон 28 серия 'Франкенхмур'
The Glooms create a terrifying monster from a "Make Your Own Monster" kit as part of a plot to drive Queen Delightful out of her castle. The monster goes on a rampage whenever it hears a whistle, but calms down when hearing a bell ring. However, their plan backfires as Queen Delightful decides to befriend the monster (whom she names Roar) and
7 гномов 1 сезон 27 серия 'Бадди'
Delightful informs the 7D that her Uncle Humidor is selling a mansion by the sea and that she wants the 7D to recover her buckets. While Bashful stays to guard the queen, the rest of the 7D and Lord Starchbottom travel to the mansion and start gathering as many buckets as they can see. However, the mansion is haunted by a ghost girl. After they
7 гномов 1 сезон 26 серия 'Добрая Хильди'
When Hildy destroys the Jollywood Dam, Dopey saves the day by summoning beavers to build another one. Using a good witch kit, Hildy transforms into a good witch, complete with a cheerful theme song and doing good deeds. This quickly earns the trust of Queen Delightful and the 7D, but Hildy becomes more irritated about acting good all the time.
7 гномов 1 сезон 25 серия 'Приколивуд-ревю'
Jollywood is having a concert to commemorate the victory of its founding fathers over an evil warlock who was Grim's great-great-grandfather. Hildy gives Grim a new magic wand that reads the person’s mind and brings it to effect. However, a road collision causes the wand to be swapped with Happy's conductor baton. As a result, the 7D's performance
7 гномов 1 сезон 24 серия 'Свободу Крошке'
Hildy has a shape-shifting ring that allows her to transform into whatever is convenient for her, but she loses it and it is accidentally thrown into a carnival goldfish bowl and swallowed by a Jolly-Go-Jumbo fish that Queen Delightful wins. As the Glooms try to recover the ring, Delightful notices her fish Teensy grows quickly in size, and must
7 гномов 1 сезон 23 серия 'Дракон Грим'
The 7D find a sphere that Doc thinks is the Enchanted Pearl of Massiveness. Inspired by a recent dragon attack and being unable to find a pet dragon, Hildy turns Grim into a dragon to scare the villagers out of Jollywood. When the actual dragon returns and mistakes Grim as her child, Hildy poses as Little Bo Peep in order to get the 7D to rescue
7 гномов 1 сезон 22 серия 'Безделушка-побрякушка'
The 7D bring an oyster that has a Pearl of Wisdom for Queen Delightful. Lord Starchbottom stores it inside the Knick Knack room, but tries to avoid saying "Knick Knack" because it prompts Delightful's to sing the related verse from "This Old Man" and he would have to roll down a hill quoting "This old man came rolling home." In order to win a
7 гномов 1 сезон 21 серия 'Певец в душе'
When singer Jenny Jollywood comes down with a frog in her throat before the Jollypalooza concert, Queen Delightful discovers that Bashful is a good singer, and wants him to sing at the event. Bashful reveals to the other 7D that he is only able to sing well in the shower because of his shyness. While Lord Starchbottom scrambles to put together
7 гномов 1 сезон 20 серия 'Новый ботинок'
The Old Woman in the Shoe must return her home back to the giant, so Queen Delightful has Lord Starchbottom lead the 7D to construct a new shoe house. Delightful takes Old Woman to the Jollywood spa for some pampering, while Lord Starchbottom struggles with getting the design of the shoe house on paper, and Grumpy has to babysit her children.
7 гномов 1 сезон 19 серия 'Восьмой гном'
Dopey has been keeping woodland creatures as pets, so the 7D tell him to not bring any more home. However, he brings an elephant that he tries to pass off as a friend. Grim plans to obtain the elephant for Hildy, but grabs Grumpy. The 7D must take the elephant back to the jungle to its parents and keep it from falling into the clutches of the
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