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Haru uses Ren as an excuse to reject women, irritating Ren. At the host club, Natsuo is asked yet again about his relationship with the other Natsu, annoying him. Ren delivers coffee to Shirou and he and Jūzen learns that he has a medical license. A flashback is shown with the relationship between the twins, Haru and Natsuo where Haru chooses
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Haru walks in on Ren trying to practice with Natsuo who is astonished to hear Haru won't do it with him despite leaving marks. Haru is furious and they argue over maturity. Haru invites him to go ahead but if he does: never come back. Ren leaves and Haru tells him to never go near Natsuo after arguing. Aki advises Ren not to aggravate Haru since
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Haru tries to make Ren to visit the dentist by telling him that tooth decay can transmit through kisses and to Ren's astonishment, he doesn't kiss him on the lips. Haru breaks first, kissing him. At the apartment from before, Shirou moves in and meets Ren to his horror. The girl from the prospective bride photo appears in person, who Haru doesn't
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Ren takes Haru to the hospital for his checkup. He has an appointment with the psychotherapist Mori Kazushi and tries to avoid it but is dragged off. They talk about his memories and brothers but is questioned on why he hasn't visited his parent's graves. Ren asks Haru for sex and he riprimands him and then himself after Ren tells him he taught
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At Kiri's house, Ren calls Haru who is buying a phone for him, to say that he doesn't need lunch. He promises to let Ren pay him back. Ren notices that they've fallen back to being brothers. Ren calls Natsuo and tells him to come to the park to return the money. They're spotted by Ikuyoshi who tells Haru. Haru calls Natsuo on Ren's cell and Natsuo
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The man turns out to be Natsuo Shiba, Haru's cousin. Ren throws up in the car and finds himself in Natsuo's house which is vandalized by his ex. He gives Ren a key to his house, makes him give him his number and promise not to tell his brothers he met him. Haru learns from Kiri that Ren is working to replace his phone. Ren revisits Natsuo and
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When meeting Kiri at the park, her dog, Llyuba, causes Ren to drop his phone into the pond. Haru is confused on why he wants a job and thinks he's in his rebellious phase. Ren picks up a job with Onodera to clean out a room in the apartment whose tenant has abandoned it and it's shockingly disgusting. Ikuyoshi makes Haru aware of a host look alike
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Ikuyoshi finds Haru conflicted; being unable to "get it up" though the AV he gave him is ranked among his top three admiting that he can only do it when Ren's around. Ikuyoshi asks Haru what type of relationship he wants. The twins ask Ren to take Haru for his check up one day. Aki blows up at Haruko after she dismisses the seriousness of Haru's
Больше, чем возлюбленные 2 сезон 1 серия 'В розовом'
Ren is set on not going to Switzerland though Haru doubts his seriousness. Ren learns from Mikiko that Haruko may be lonely from letting both her sons go. Haru receives a prospective bride photo from a customer and hides it from Ren. Ren devotes more time with Haruko and causing Haru to stress into a bad mood and test Ren's love. Ren tries to give
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The e-mail Ren had sent prompts Haruko to come all the way from Switzerland to Japan for a visit. Eagerly looking forward to seeing Haruko again, Ren innocently bubbles with excitement. But believing Haruko may notice how his relationship with Ren has changed, Haru is unable to show genuine excitement for Haruko's visit. When Haruko finally
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Haru suddenly awakens to the sound of rain in his bedroom. Shaken by the sight of Ren in his dream, his breathing becomes erratic. Realizing the reason for his dream, the next morning Haru questions Ikuyoshi. Meanwhile, experiencing his first rainy season in Japan, the stress from not being able to jog due to the unfamiliar humidity and rain cause
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Haru's cafe "WHITE FANG" quickly begins filling up with customers soon after it opens. Even Haru and Ren's recently awkward relationship is getting back to normal. However, Aki is in a terrible mood. Shima has been spending all his time taking care of Natsukawa Ai, one of the students he tutors. Shima feels obligated to care for Ai, a middle
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A story book that Ren brought from Canada is one of Haru's old favorites and a story about a lone gray wolf who meets a human that he comes to recognize as his master. Already hating himself for making Ren say he'll be "just a brother," Haru is dealt the final blow by Seika's words. Meanwhile, Ren manages his high school life with the help of his
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While Haru and Ren are out at a nearby zoo looking at the animals, Aki calls Haru to let him know a woman calling herself "Kiyoka" has showed up at the house. Kiyoka is Haru's high school classmate and the co-owner of the cafe that they're about to open. While discussing the plans and preparations for the store, Kiyoka mentions a certain woman to
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Just when Ren begins attending his first day of school, he's seen kissing Haru goodbye by his classmate Juzen Kurosaki. His friend asks him if Haru is his boyfriend, but... Meanwhile, unable to get used to the increasingly close relationship of Haru and Ren, Ikuyoshi asks Haru a certain question. However, when Haru half-jokingly responds that he'd
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Spring arrives, and Haru's dream of living with his three brothers finally comes true. They move into a bigger house together, and with the help of his former coworker Ikuyoshi, Haru's plans to open a cafe seem to be coming along well... when something gives Haru a cause for concern: Ren is staying cooped up inside his room. Annoyed by Ren's
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Haru's twin younger brothers Aki and Shima are upset by the sudden appearance of a "fourth brother" in the Kaidou household, and Haru's excessively affectionate attitude towards Ren makes Aki explode with rage. Meanwhile, Haru happens to witness a car accident in the city. Since then, Haru begins leaving Ren alone in the apartment. On top of that,
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It has been five years since that summer. Haru works as a host a bar while saving money for his twin brothers' tuition. One day, Haru's lawyer Mikiko invites him to her office where he is reunited with Ren now a teenager. Three months before his parents passed away in a terrible car accident, they adopted Ren from an orphanage. Since he lost his
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Having arrived in Canada during summer break upon hearing the fake news that his biological mother Haruko is in critical condition, high school student Haru Kaidou meets a young boy named Ren his new adopted brother and is forced to spend the summer with him and to teach him how to act and behave like a normal person so that he can fit into
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