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Две звезды онмёджи 23 серия 'Westward, Twin Stars -
State media continues to report about "mass infections" ravaging the country. Rokuro and Benio are the only exorcists capable of closing the Dragon Spots responsible for the pandemic. Kinako possesses an RV and the Twin Star Exorcists and Sae set off for Minamisuwa to plug the hole. The exorcists go off to fight the Kegare unleashed by the Dragon
Две звезды онмёджи 22 серия 'It's Impure, Y'know? -
Rokuro, Benio and Mayura realize that the colapsing people are being victims of Kegare corruption due to some miasma coming from an unknown location. As several large Kegare start pouring into the city, Rokuro and Benio urge Mayura to call for Seigen's help. When she reaches him at Seika Dormitory, he concludes that it is because a massive breach
Две звезды онмёджи 21 серия 'Rebirth of the Twin
Two years after their fight with Yuto, Rokuro and Benio are fighting in Magano along Haruka, the residents of Seika Dormitory, and Mayura, who is on her first mission with them. After defeating all enemies, they quickly return for Rokuro, Benio and Mayura's first day at High School. As news of multiple cases of poisoning bring the attention of
Две звезды онмёджи 20 серия 'Our Path - To the
Benio uses her new impurity legs to fight on par with Yuto, but her new powers soon run out since she is not yet strong enough to handle them. Regardless, Rokuro takes over again and, despite still receiving a beating, begins to overpower Yuto, with the spirits of the Hinatsuki Tragedy victims holding him up. Once Yuto is sent into a dark abyss,
Две звезды онмёджи 19 серия 'Both Sin and Impurity
Despite using all their powers and abilities, Rokuro and Benio fail to defeat Yuuto, who proves himself too strong for them. After crippling Benio's legs, Yuuto leaves her to die and proceeds to kill Rokuro when she is approached by Kamui, offering his help to defeat Yuuto by corrupting her body. She is reluctant at first, but her determination to
Две звезды онмёджи 18 серия 'On the Eve of Battle -
To prepare themselves for their battle against Yuuto, Rokuro and Benio test the limits of their resonance abilities. After confirming that it amplifies the power of their attacks, at the cost of depleting their energy faster, Benio decides to rest, while Rokuro stays to test the power of the red charm left from Seigen. Tormented with visions of
Две звезды онмёджи 17 серия 'The Red Emblem Master
Seigen attacks Yuuto, which proves useless. Yuuto fatally wounds Seigen who casts a barrier around the Twin Star Exorcists and the fainted Mayura. Seigen resolves to blow himself up; however, Rokuro and Benio escape from inside the barrier, which again Yuuto congratulates. Seigen is saved minus one arm and Rokuro manages to land a punch on Yuuto
Две звезды онмёджи 16 серия 'As an Exorcist -
After being told off by Seigen, Benio and Rokuro stayed in a bad mood until Mayura comes over to cheer the two of them up. She cooks dinner for the Twin Star Exorcists and walks home with Rokuro in tow. Along the way, Mayura was corrupted and she turned into a Kegare. Rokuro refuses to purify her as Benio and Seigen joins him. Seigen battles
Две звезды онмёджи 14 серия 'Yukatas, Stars, and
Rokuro and Benio gather at the Seika Dormitory with their friends to celebrate the Tanabata festival, while reminscing of the events of the series so far.
Две звезды онмёджи 13 серия 'Your Courage, My
Kamui proves himself too strong for Rokuro and Benio, despite they are working together, until they manage to resonate with each other and unleash a powerful attack that takes him by surprise.
Две звезды онмёджи 12 серия 'Give Me a Break -
Benio has another meeting with Kamui, who is one of the Basara, the strongest of all Kegare, and the one who murdered her parents. Despite eager to have her revenge, Benio finds herself powerless before Kamui, until Rokuro appears to assist her.
Две звезды онмёджи 11 серия 'Do Your Best,
Subaru starts a game of "hide and seek" with Rokuro and Benio, promising to train them if they manage to find her. The pair then start trailing her around the city with no success until they come across another breach to Magano. Once Rokuro and Benio are surrounded by the, Kegare, Subaru appears and displays a bit of her true power as a Heavenly
Две звезды онмёджи 10 серия 'Subaru's Training -
Rokuro and Benio ask Seigen to help them train, but he declines. Luckily, Subaru Mitejima, Benio's former master, arrives and agrees to teach them. However, instead of giving them the training they want, she instructs them to do things such as go clothes shopping, hold hands, feed each other, and finally, kiss, at which they balk. After learning
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