Повар-боец Сома

Повар-боец Сома: Третье блюдо 5 серия 'Темный
В 3 сезоне 5 серии аниме "В поисках божественного рецепта" Юкихира отправляется на званый ужин. Он рассчитывает отдохнуть вместе с соперниками, но на самом деле принимает участие в очередном испытании. На этот раз задание будет поистине жестоким.
Повар-боец Сома: Третье блюдо 4 серия 'Pride of
В 3 сезоне 4 серии аниме "В поисках божественного рецепта" Сома пускается во все тяжкие, желая победить соперников в кулинарном конкурсе. Накири пытается совладать с его амбициями. Однако помощь Соме негативно сказывается на ее шансах на победу.
Повар-боец Сома: Третье блюдо 3 серия 'Лунный
В 3 сезоне 3 серии сериала "В поисках божественного рецепта" участники конкурса поваров посещают знаменитый Лунный фестиваль. Здесь Юкихира сталкивается с неожиданными проблемами. Теперь его будущее в качестве повара находится под угрозой.
Повар-боец Сома: Третье блюдо 2 серия
В 3 сезоне 2 серии сериала "В поисках божественного рецепта" Юкихира получает первое серьезное задание в ожесточенном конкурсе за звание лучшего повара. Однако оно ставит и главного героя, и его соперников в тупик. Чтобы выполнить задание, им придется объединить усилия, но никто не хочет помогать потенциальным врагам.
Повар-боец Сома: Третье блюдо 1 серия
В 3 сезоне 1 серии аниме "В поисках божественного рецепта" Юкихира принимает участие в битве десяти лучших выпускников кулинарной академии. Только один из них сможет рассчитывать на всеобщее уважение и работу мечты. Среди соперников Юкихира оказываются как старые друзья, так и заклятые враги.
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 13 серия
At the end of the pre-open's final day, Shinomiya calls in his fellow alumni, along with his mother, for one final service, recalling what inspired him to pursue French cuisine. As the competition finally arrives, Soma uses about everything he's learned to put together a French take on a chicken and egg rice bowl using a quail stuffed with
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 12 серия
The next step of the Stagiaire reunites Soma with Shinomiya, who is opening a Tokyo branch of his French restaurant, Shino's. At the restaurant begins its first pre-open day, Soma witnesses firsthand the intensity of working in Shinomiya's kitchen and struggles to keep up with the rest of the staff. Thinking over his failures, Soma spends the rest
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 11 серия
With the Stagiaire program requiring students to take up residence at various restaurants outside of the school while also making their own mark, Soma ends up getting paired with Hisako, who has been feeling inferior since losing the Autumn Elections, as they are sent to the Mitamura Western restaurant. Right away, they discover that the
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 10 серия
Soma presents his dish's missing element, a white soup made from soy milk that turns the rice dish into a creamy porridge, enhancing the already existing flavors. Meanwhile, Satoshi, who deduces that Eizan was the one who drove Subaru to provoke Soma, tells him that it was Soma's drive to never give up that got him so far. As the judges make their
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 9 серия
Under a moonlit sky, the finals get underway, with Alice recalling the many cooking battles she's had with Ryo. With only half the cooking time passed, Ryo presents his dish; a cartoccio cooked in herb butter inside film bags. Next, Akira presents a seared carpaccio, which uses fire to unleash its powerful aroma which, contrary to everyone's
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 8 серия
In preparation for the final, Soma goes with Megumi to the fish market, where they come across Ryo and Alice. There, they learn about the varying factors about picking the best pacific saury, which Ryo appears to be an expert on. Hearing that Akira also has a talent for picking out the best fish, Soma is left concerned about how to compete with
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 7 серия
Ryo and Akira face off against each other in the second semi-final match, in which they must make Western-style dishes. Akira presents his dish, Canard Apicius, using his combination of spices with duck to wow the judges. Meanwhile, Ryo serves up Eel Matelote, adding plums to provide an electrifying taste. With the judges evenly split on which
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 6 серия
Subaru uses smoked bacon as a garniture for his stew, revealing that he got his information from hacking into Mitsuru's notes. Even when Soma reveals his intent to use various cuts of beef to improvise his dish on the fly, Subaru still appears to have predicted Soma's move, remaining confident in his bacon addition. Although the judges are
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 5 серия
Soma is approached by journalist Mitsuru Sotsuda, who asks to cover him as he works on a beef stew recipe for his Shokugeki against Subaru. Agreeing to taste test after letting her borrow some manga, Erina berates Soma's dish, stating that it isn't suited for the match's main topic. Thinking Erina's criticism over, Soma gets a burst of inspiration
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 4 серия
The Shokugeki between Takumi and Subaru commences with Takumi's mezzaluna on the line. With both sides making a semifreddo, Subaru uses his investigative approach to Shokugekis to make his own twists to improve on Takumi's recipe. Pressured over whether he can make his own twists within the limited cooking time, Takumi thinks back to his training
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 3 серия
Despite a close battle, Ryo is declared the winner, though Megumi is still praised for her efforts by the crowd. The next day, as Akira and Hisako face off in a hamburger duel, Soma meets the eighth contestant, Subaru Mimasaka, who joins him, Megumi, and Takumi in watching the battle. Hisako presents her dish, a soft-shelled turtle burger, but is
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 2 серия
Megumi goes up against Ryo in the second match, in which they must make a ramen dish using pre-prepared noodles. As both Megumi and Ryo decide to make ramen using seafood based broths, Alice recalls when she first met Ryo ten years ago. With the judges getting up close during the final stages, Ryo presents his Soupe de Poisson Ramen first,
Повар-боец Сома: Второе блюдо 2 сезон 1 серия!_episodes#Food_Wars.21_Shokugeki_no_Soma:_The_Second_Plate
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 24 серия 'Банкет воинов'
Akira's dish, which on top of its powerful fragrance also uses the power of holy basil and yogurt, earns a score of 94 from the judges, two of which gave him a perfect 20. Finally, Soma presents his own fragrance bomb, combining his past two failures into a curry risotto omurice containing a mango chutney that deepens the flavor. The dish earns
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 23 серия 'Соревнование
Back in Group A, contestants are struggling to score as one of the main judges, Natsume Sendawara, keeps giving out zero scores. This streak soon breaks when Ryo Kurokiba, Alice's aide, presents a lobster curry made using a cognac base, earning 93 points. Next, Ikumi presents a Dongpo pork curry, using what she had learned from her Shokugeki with
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 22 серия 'The One Who
Miyoko scores 87 points with her pineapple-fragranced cha-han while Yuki gets 86 points for her wild game curry. Afterwards, the Aldini brothers face off against each other, with Isami presenting a curry calzone that scores 87 points while Takumi presents a curry pasta dish using tamari soy sauce and cheese filled pasta that scores 90 points.
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 21 серия 'The Unknown Known'
Soma awakens from his nap to tend to his dish, which involves a creamy rice infused with spices. Meanwhile, Megumi brings out a monkfish for her dish, having learnt how to butcher it in order to help her family. With the cooking period over, the judging soon begins with a harsh panel of judges hitting most of the students with low scores. In Group
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 20 серия 'The Dragon Lies
With the challenge of creating a curry dish set, many of the contestants set off to visit their families and study up on spices during the remainder of the summer while Soma stays at the dorms to try out various combinations. The Autumn Election preliminaries soon arrive, with only the top four from each group able to make it through to the
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 19 серия 'The Chosen One'
The contestants and rules for the Autumn Elections are announced, in which the sixty selected contestants are split into two groups which they must top in order to advance to the tournament phase. Meanwhile, Megumi is approached by a girl named Miyoko Hojo, who was interested in her shokugeki with Shinomiya but becomes disappointed when she hears
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 18 серия 'The Karaage of
Noting that the shopping district focuses more on walk-and-eat food, as opposed to Mozuya's packaged approach, Soma shifts his focus towards creating a karaage that can be enjoyed straight out of the fryer. Opting to go with thigh meat with a chilli-based marinade, Soma gets inspiration from a bento shop owner and decides to serve his karaage in
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 17 серия 'The Seductive
Arriving back home, Soma temporarily re-opens Yukihira Diner to serve his loyal customers, including his childhood friend, Mayu Kurase, who has a crush on him. He learns that the Sumire Shopping District has been doing poor business lately due to the arrival of a popular karaage chain shop, Mozuya. Wanting to help revive the shopping district,
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 16 серия 'The Chef Who's
With Fumio, Megumi, and Satoshi winding up as judges, Soma and Joichiro are challenged to use ingredients from the kitchen to make a light yet energizing breakfast dish that will wake them up. Soma presents an apple risotto, which provides a crisp taste which changes with the addition of black pepper. Joichiro, on the other hand, presents the
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 15 серия 'The Man Called
As the students make their way home, Shinomiya decides to return to France make his restaurant the best in Paris, while the other alumni explain how the training camp also serves as a recruitment ground to determine potential for future employment. Going back for his headband, Soma ends up missing his bus and has to hitch a ride back to school
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 14 серия 'Metamorphosis'
Due to the specific timing required for his soufflé omelette, Soma struggles to get any customers to try his dish before they end up deflating. With half an hour left in the challenge, Soma calmly analyzes the situtation and changes his approach, cooking in front of his customers in order to attract a crowd while also delivering the dish in
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 13 серия 'The Eggs Before
Before the students have a chance to sleep for the night, Dojima announces his next task, in which the students must prepare a buffet-style egg dish to be served at breakfast early next morning. With everyone spending the night trying to come up with a recipe, Soma decides on a soufflé omelette, which is met with silent criticism from some of
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 12 серия 'The Memory of a
Megumi manages to impress the judges with her Rainbow Terrine, which emphasises the maturity of vegetables. However, when it comes down to voting, all three judges vote for Shinomiya's dish based on the difference between their skill. Just then, Dojima gives his own vote towards Megumi's dish, stating that Shinomiya has grown stale. This is
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 11 серия 'The Magician from
Shinomiya initially refuses Soma's challenge, however Dojima and Inui were passing by and pressured him to accepting the challenge. Thus, Soma and Megumi battle Shinomiya in an unofficial Shokugeki under the condition that Megumi is the lead chef as this Shokugeki is designed to prove Megumi's worthiness as a chef. While Shinomiya makes his dish,
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 10 серия 'The Heavenly
Soma bumps Erina and apologizes, but Erina refuses his help thinking that she is letting her guard down. Soma meets alumnus Gin Dojima in the bath and was surprised to see Soma finishing so quickly. Dojima wishes Soma good luck as the Aldini twins enter the bath. The next day, Soma and Megumi are given the assignment to make the Nine Vegetable
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 9 серия 'The Breading to
Having come up with ideas to make a dish, Soma makes a list of ingredients for he and Megumi to gather. Soma takes Inui's kaki peanuts understanding that any ingredient found in the area can be used. Soma and Megumi gather ingredients and arrive with 15 minutes left and they make the Char Okakiage using the peanuts as a crust for the fish. Inui
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 8 серия 'The Concerto of
The first year students at Totsuki Academy go to training camp as the first major hurdle as about half of the first year students are expelled during the event. The students are given various challenges with alumni from the school brought in to be judges. The first challenge for Soma's group that includes Megumi and the Aldini twins Takumi and
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 7 серия 'A Quiet Don, An
At the Shokugeki, Ikumi wows the audience with her A5 grade beef, while Soma draws jeers for using discounted beef from the supermarket. Ikumi completes her A5 Japanese Beef Roti Don first and the judges were impressed with the taste of her beef. Soon after, Soma presents his Chaliapin Steak Don to the judges and after initially refusing to taste
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 6 серия 'The Meat Invader'
Soma and Megumi look for a club to join and stumble upon the Don Research Society, who is targeted for disbandment by Erina for her expansion project. One of Erina's enforcers Ikumi Mito challenges the club president Kanichi Konishi telling him that no matter what he cooks that his dish will never beat her A5 grade meat. Seeing the events unfold,
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 5 серия 'The Ice Queen and
Having his sights set on becoming a member on the Elite Ten, he challenges Satoshi for his spot only to find out that it can only be obtained through a high-stakes cooking duel called a Shokugeki, and Soma has nothing of value to Satoshi to wager that is of equivalent value to his Elite Ten membership. Meanwhile, Erina challenges the Chan Research
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 4 серия 'Maria of the Polar
Soma arrives at Polar Star Dormitory and is required to cook a dish that satisfies Fumio in order to become a resident. Not knowing that he was supposed to provide his own ingredients, he cooks a mackerel burger meal using leftover ingredients in the kitchen, which impresses Fumio. Now a Polar Star Dormitory resident, Soma meets the other
Повар-боец Сома 1 сезон 3 серия 'That Chef Never
At the entrance ceremony, Soma declares that he will become the top student at Totsuki using the other students as stepping stones, drawing animosity from the students. On the first day, Soma is paired up with Megumi, who has the worst grades among the admitted students and is one E grade away from expulsion. The challenge is to make Beef
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