Сервамп 12 серия 'Думай проще'
Tsubaki reveals that he has defeated Hugh and then proceeds to break Lawless' contract item, causing the Servamp to lose his power. Tsubaki then confronts Kuro, recognising his lion form as the one who killed their creator. Kuro tries to talk out Tsubaki from further harming them, but Tsubaki refuses to listen out of his twisted dedication to
Сервамп 11 серия 'За то, что не простил меня'
Lawless and Licht able to corners Higan, pushing the subclass to unleash his full power. Meanwhile, Mikuni and Jeje arrives and saves Misono and Lily from Sakuya, urging the Lust Pair to go to the floor where Tetsu and Hugh are fighting against Tsubaki's remaining subclasses. However, they find Hugh disappeared after he was trapped inside Belkia's
Сервамп 10 серия 'Беззаконие '
Lawless and Licht clashes against each other after a heated argument. Licht points out Lawless' attempt to run away from reality by devaluing people's lives. This enrages Lawless who then shows Licht his past. Hundreds of years ago, he was serving a princess named Ophelia who was his Eve at the time whom he fell in love with. However, he was
Сервамп 9 серия 'Я не ошибаюсь'
Lawless' subclasses confronts Tsubaki to buy some times until Misono and the others successfully rescue Licht and Lawless. Misono and Lily fights against Sakuya at the basement while Tetsu and Hugh fights against Tsubaki's remaining subclasses. Mahiru, who has entered Kuro's mind, witness his memories that shows the Servamps are having a majority
Сервамп 8 серия 'Всё начинается с действия'
Mahiru and Tetsu tries to free Kuro from the ball to no avail, until Mahiru remembers about the Eve of Servamp of Envy who seems to know more about vampires and decides to go to his antique shop while Misono, Tetsu, Lily, Hugh, Kranz, and Guilderstein comes up with the plan to save Licht and Lawless. From the picture in Higan's cell phone and
Сервамп 7 серия 'Потому что я...'
After bringing Tsubaki's subclass, Lilac, to their place, Mahiru thinks that Tsubaki will come and save Lilac just like he did to Belkia. While discussing this, Mahiru notices Kuro starts to act strange after the incident with Lawless regarding his past. The next day, Licht's manager, Kranz Rosen, explains that Lawless has gone missing and Licht
Сервамп 6 серия 'Ангел или Демон'
One of Hugh's subclasses informs them about a suspicious person defeating another subclass. Mahiru and Kuro tails the person who appears to have captured a Servamp who takes the form of a hedgehog. However, it's revealed that the person, Licht Jekllyland Todoroki, is in fact the Eve of the Servamp of Greed, Lawless, who is on bad terms with Kuro
Сервамп 5 серия 'Я взрослый. А это общество.'
Mahiru receives a letter that Kuro quickly dismisses as being a prank. At a summer festival, Mahiru is asked by someone to take a silver case to lost and found stall. On his way, he meets a young man carrying a coffin who claims that there's a vampire sleeping inside it. An explosion occurs which came from the silver case Mahiru is carrying.
Сервамп 4 серия 'Сакуя'
Mahiru's uncertainty overflows within Kuro, causing him to lose control of his power. As Mahiru is engulfed by Kuro's power, Sakuya tries to help him as he reveals that he acted the way he did so Mahiru will kill him. Kuro is stopped by the Servamp of Envy, Doubt Doubt who goes by the name Jeje, and the subclasses are forced to retreat. Jeje's
Сервамп 3 серия 'Будущее, которое никогда не
Misono reveals that each Eve can receives a weapon from a Servamp called Lead, so Mahiru asks Kuro to give him one, which takes the form of a broom. Meanwhile, one of Mahiru's close friends, Sakuya, is revealed to be one of Tsubaki's subclasses like Belkia. The next day, Mahiru realises that his memories regarding Sakuya starts to disappear.
Сервамп 2 серия 'Цубаки'
Mahiru and Kuro are approached by Tsubaki, the vampire who ordered Belkia to attack Kuro. He reveals that there are seven known Servamp siblings, each represents the Seven Deadly Sins, however, he then introduces himself as the eighth Servamp of Melancholy. To stop Tsubaki, Mahiru attempts to form a contract with him, leading Tsubaki try to kill
Сервамп 1 серия 'Махиру и Куро'
Mahiru Shirota is a high school student who likes simple things and dislike complicated things, so he picked up a cat that he named Kuro. The next day, he finds out that Kuro is actually a vampire who will change into a cat if exposed to sunlight. Mahiru accidentally makes a contract with Kuro the moment he calls his given name in his human form.
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