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Ниндзяго: Мастера Кружитцу 4 сезон 10 серия 'The
The ninja and fighters discover there's a strategic location called the Corridor of Elders where they can make their last stand against Chen's Anacondrai army...but even with the new Destiny Bounty, their forces still aren't strong enough. Fortunately, Pythor escapes Chen's clutches and discovers there is one spell in the Book of Magic that could
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Master Chen uses the spell, turning his men, himself, Skylor, and Garmadon into Anacondrai, the strongest warriors ever to do battle. With the Anacondrai on the loose, the Ninja visit Ninjago's worst jail. There they meet the shrunken Pythor and ask for his assistance. Coincidentally, Master Chen has learned the spell has temporary effects and
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Although all the Masters have escaped, Clouse discovers that Skylor's Amber can still be used to gain all the Elemental Powers. While Skylor and Kai attempted to escape from Chen, they are captured by Kapau and Chope. Clouse tries to banish Garmadon in the forgotten realm, but Garmadon escapes and Clouse gets himself stuck inside the portal. Zane,
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Master Chen drains out all the Master's powers but Lloyd's. He has Kai betray Lloyd and trick him into battling Chen. Chen uses the Elemental Powers and wins, obtaining Lloyd's element. However, Kai and Skylor take Chen's staff and destroy it, releasing the powers back to the Elemental Masters, who have escaped from the Noodle Factory.
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After Nya stole Clouse's spell, Chen commands that whoever finds Nya wins the tournament. Lloyd also learns how to use a green version of the Golden Dragon with his power. Meanwhile, Lloyd and Garmadon stumble upon the place where a great battle between the Elemental Masters and the Anacondrai took place. Garmadon tells Lloyd the story of how
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The Ninja form an alliance with the Elemental Masters and convince them about Chen's plan. Meanwhile, Nya goes to Chen's palace, disguised as a Kabuki, and steals Clouse's spell that turns Chen's followers into Anacondrai. Cole and Zane also manage to break out of Master Chen's Noodle Factory.
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After Jacob loses to Skylor, Kai learns she has the power of absorption . In addition, the remaining Elemental Masters must compete in a roller skating competition. The teams: Lloyd's team with the Ninja vs Chamille with the other Masters. After many laps, the Master of Form crosses the finish line first. However, she was missing her Jade Blade,
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Zane has lost his memory, but regains it after meeting P.I.X.A.L. in the other room. He discovers P.I.X.A.L. has been scraped but he puts her hard-drive inside himself, becoming compatible with her. However, he gets captured again. Meanwhile, Gravis has to fight Griffin, Bolobo has to fight Neuro, and Kai has to fight Ash. The winners Griffin,
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After the ninja arrive at Chen's island, Garmadon tells them he used to train under Chen. When inside, Chen himself greets the Elemental Fighters, and teaches them about the Tournament of Elements and the Jade Blades. In the end, Karlof becomes the first Elemental Master to lose. While the ninja are searching for Zane, they accidentally stumble
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After Zane's death, the Ninja have split up, having new jobs. Jay is a TV presenter, Cole is a lumberjack, and Kai is a slither pit fighter. Lloyd tries to put the team back together, and they eventually come to a noodle house where Lloyd is. They discover Zane is alive, and set off to find him, with Sensei Garmadon following. The Ninja team is
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