Намбака 1 сезон

Намбака 3 серия 'Another Idiot Has Come!!'
Seitarō complains to Supervisor Hajime Sugoroku that the prisoners in cell 13 disrespect him, so Sugoroku suggests some techniques based on the prisoners' weaknesses. Sugoroku is advised by the warden that a new inmate will arrive and be placed in Cell 13. Prisoner 1399, Tsukumo is moved into the cell and claims to be a shinobi. He then
Намбака 2 серия 'Тупицы заключенные!'
Warden Momoko Hayakushiki warns Hajime to be vigilant of the prisoners in Building 13 but he says that the four in cell 13 are no problem. After the meeting it's revealed that Warden Momoko has a crush on Hajime. Jūgo escapes again and Hajime finds him sleeping in the night duty room. Jūgo claims it's because of Rock's snoring, Uno's
Намбака 1 серия 'Придурки с номерами'
Inmates Jūgo, Uno, Rock and Niko escape from the inescapable Nanba Prison but are recaptured by Supervisor Hajime Sugoroku and returned to their cells. They come to the conclusion that life inside the prison is pretty good. Jūgo learns of a woman in the prison so they break out of their cell and rush into the visiting room. They sees a
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