Моб Психо 100

Моб Психо 100 10 серия 'Ужасающе злая аура.
Mob and Teru infiltrate the Claw's 7th Division to save Ritsu. Meanwhile, Ritsu tries to escape with the other esper kids and they run into the upper echelon and leader of the 7th Division. Teru and Dimple run into trouble after a strenuous battle, and the boss from Claw finally shows himself...
Моб Психо 100 9 серия ''Коготь'. Седьмое
Ritsu and the others get abducted by a mysterious man named Koyama, and get taken to the secret organization Claw's 7th Division. Claw is an organization who is trying to lead the world to a better future by taking it over. One of Claw's assassins, Terada goes after Mob and Teru, but they overpower him and get him to tell them secrets about the
Моб Психо 100 8 серия 'Брат бьёт поклон. Воля
After defeating all of the gang leaders from the surrounding schools, Ritsu feels omnipotent. And then, he's confronted by none other than his older brother, Mob. Mob knew that Ritsu had wanted psychic powers for a while, so he congratulates him. However Ritsu doesn't greet his brother with kindness. Meanwhile, a mysterious man watches the
Моб Психо 100 7 серия 'На подъёме. Я заполучу
Salt Middle School undergoes deep cleaning lead by the student council president, Kamuro, and one thug after another gets targeted. Meanwhile, the story about Mob defeating the shadow leader at Black Vinegar Middle School starts to get embellished and takes on a life of it's own, and Mob gets to be known as "White T Poison." All of the gang
Моб Психо 100 6 серия 'Дисгармония. Чтобы стать тем'
After the incident at the school, the whole town hears rumors pointing to Mob's abilities and his fight with Teru. Mob's brother Ritsu Kageyama is followed around by various people interested in him and his brother's powers. Ritsu is not happy about this because he curses his own lack of ability to use ESP. The leader of the Telepathy Club, Tome
Моб Психо 100 5 серия 'Чокнутый воин. Сила
After recognizing Mob's psychic abilities, Teru attempts to force him into a psychic duel by attacking him, but Mob refuses throughout increasingly brutal attacks because of his ideals to never use psychic powers on a person. Dimple attempts to defend Mob, but Teru quickly exorcises him. As Mob becomes cornered inside the school, Teru's sanity
Моб Психо 100 4 серия 'Вход только для дураков.
During the cold open, delinquents from Mob's school (Salt Middle School) are in a turf war with a rival school (Black Vinegar Middle School). When the rival delinquents are unable to win, they call for their leader, Teruki "Teru" Hanazawa. In spite of being physically unimposing, Teru disposes of the Salt delinquents with ease. In an attempt to
Моб Психо 100 3 серия 'Приглашение на собрание.
During Body Improvement Club practice, Mob faints and is left in the club room to recover. The Telepathy Club, permitted to stay in the room which is now being used to store bodybuilding equipment, comments that Mob will never be popular even if he trains his body. Distraught, he is intercepted on his way home by a woman in a smiling mask, who
Моб Психо 100 2 серия 'Сомнения юности. На сцену
The "Telepathy Club" at Mob's school is in danger of disbanding after it drops below the minimum amount of members. The group tries to convince someone to join them, and drags Mob into the room where their leader Kurata argues with Reigen over the phone, but Reigen wants Mob to focus on his job. Later, Reigen takes Mob on a contract to exorcise a
Моб Психо 100 1 серия 'Самозваный экстрасенс Рэйгэн
A self-proclaimed exorcist named Arataka Reigen attempts to exorcise an evil spirit, despite only stumbling onto it by accident. The spirit seems annoyed at his attack, which consists of throwing a handful of table salt which actually meant to be purified salt, much to Reigen's shock. Reigen then unleashes his secret weapon: calling in the actual
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