Кабанери железной крепости

Кабанери железной крепости 12 серия 'Железная
Ikoma and Kurusu enter Kongokaku, drawing the Kabane towards them. Ayame appeals to the humans to stop attacking each other in fear, and entreats them to leave Kongokaku with her people in the Kōtetsujō. With Kurusu's help, Ikoma is able to reach the Mumei Nue. He destroys the hayajiro Kokujou in the process when the Hunters try to drive
Кабанери железной крепости 11 серия 'Горящая жизнь'
Ikoma is still alive, washed up on the shore and is found by Kurusu. Biba injects Mumei with the same liquid that he used on Horobi to turn her into a Nue. The Kōtetsujō arrives at Kongokaku and announces that they have captured the men who destroyed Iwato Station so they are allowed entry. Ayame pretends to have Biba prisoner because
Кабанери железной крепости 10 серия 'Нападающий
Biba and his troops are now in control of the hayajiro and its passengers, using their blood to feed his Kabane. Biba offers a deal to Ayame that if she can open the gates to Kongokaku, and arrange a meeting with his father, he will guarantee the safety of her people. He tells her of the time when his father sent him with 400,000 troops to Kyushu
Кабанери железной крепости 9 серия 'Клык разрушения'
The Kokujou with the Hunters is refused entry to Iwato Station, the last before Kongokaku, by the Shogun's samurai. Ayame decides to part company with the Hunters and asks Ikoma to get Mumei. Lord Maeda, leader of the fortress agrees to a meeting with Biba on the condition that only women and children accompany him. During the meeting, Mumei
Кабанери железной крепости 8 серия 'Молчаливый
Biba Amatori is introduced to Ayame, and reveals that he is Mumei's 'older brother' in name only and has been disowned by the Shogun. The Kabane attack Shitori Station and Biba takes his Hunter squad and destroys them all, and kills one of his own men who he accuses of betrayal. He then offers to accompany Ayane's Kōtetsujō to Kongokaku
Кабанери железной крепости 7 серия 'Молитва о небе'
The Kōtetsujō arrives at Shitori Station, which is still occupied by humans, but are only allowed to stay for a couple of days. Ayame exchanges something of value to purchase bamboo for the Tanabata ceremony so people can hang their wishes on it. They are then offered food and other provisions in exchange for the jet bullets technology
Кабанери железной крепости 6 серия 'Собранный свет'
The Black Fog is revealed to be a colony of Kabane fused into one giant beast. Unable to leave, the Kōtetsujō retreats to the station workshop and they seal the door. Ikoma finds Mumei trapped under rubble and tries to release her. The committee discuss their options of whether to leave or stay. Unable to free Mumei, Ikoma leads the
Кабанери железной крепости 5 серия 'Неизбежная тьма'
Ikoma helps the bushi develop weapons to kill the Kabane and Ayame declares the Kabaneri are the bodyguards of the Kōtetsujō. The train arrives at Yashiro Station which was attacked by Kabane who still remain within. The Aragane passengers rescue some human survivors, who talk of a Black Fog before the attack. Mumei meets Enoku, a
Кабанери железной крепости 4 серия 'Льющаяся кровь'
Kurusu rescues Ayame, just as the Kabane appear in the woods surrounding the Kōtetsujō, and everyone gets back onboard. Still fearful of the Kabaneri, the Six Chiefs, led by Akoji, has Ayame hand over the Kōtetsujō's Master Key. To Ayame's dismay, Akoji reroutes the Kōtetsujō for the mountains to provide a shorter
Кабанери железной крепости 3 серия 'Жертвенная
After Mumei reveals her identity as a Kabaneri, Ayame stops Kurusu from killing the Kabaneri and reminds everyone that they were rescued by Ikoma and Mumei. The Kōtetsujō is headed for Kongokaku, the Shogun's greatest stronghold and Mumei insists on staying onboard. However, the passengers are filled with alarm and distrust because of a
Кабанери железной крепости 2 серия 'Ночь без
Ikoma, discovering that he has stopped the Kabane virus from infecting him, tells his fellow steamsmith Takumi of his success with his bolt gun and anti-virus technique. Meanwhile survivors of the Kabane attack fight a defensive battle within Aragane Station while seeking an opportunity to escape in the Kōtetsujō. Mumei arrives dressed
Кабанери железной крепости 1 серия 'Испуганный
On the island country of Hinomoto, the hayajiro Kōtetsujō, an armored train, is attacked by several Kabane, humans transformed into undead creatures by a viral infection, and the bushi defeat them. However, a bushi is bitten and he commits suicide to avoid being killed as a Kabane. At the train's destination, Aragane Station
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