В другом мире со смартфоном

В другом мире со смартфоном 12 серия 'Decisions,
Touya and Gang arrive back at the mansion with Francesca. Afterwards Yumina helps Linze become one of Touya's brides. The next morning came with Yae and Elze also becoming Touya's brides. With this Touya then goes to the Garden which then he talks to Regina Babylon the Professor who made Babylon. After this Touya seeks help about his love
В другом мире со смартфоном 10 серия 'Ocean, and
After using Gate to travel to an Island nearby the Ancient Ruins, Touya invites his friends for a day of swimming at the beach. During this Touya tries to go diving towards the Ancient Ruins but it is too far without him drowning in the process, Kohaku then helps Touya summon Black Emperor who then was beaten by Touya they are then named
В другом мире со смартфоном 9 серия 'Oedo, and the
Using Recall and Gate to go to Eashen, Touya and gang arrive and go to Yae's house where they were told that her father and brother are fighting in a war. Using Touya's abilities they quickly find both and Touya helps by defeating the Undead Oni Masked Soldiers, after being thanked by Tokugawa, Tsubaki comes out from the shadows and asks for help
В другом мире со смартфоном 8 серия 'Daily Life,
After returning from Mismede, Touya uses his powers to create a bicycle for himself, but when the girls and Alfred show interest in it, he ends up making enough for all of them to ride. Sometime later, Touya goes to the city to buy some supplies when he finds a little girl being beaten for stealing. After driving away the attackers, Touya invites
В другом мире со смартфоном 7 серия 'Nation of
Touya's party arrive at Mismede's capital and attend an audience with the king. During the audience the King asks Touya to duel with him. During the duel, the king reveals his own Null magic, "Accel", that gives him enhanced speed, which Touya learns to use and by combining both "Accel" and "Boost", defeats him. At night, Touya has an encounter
В другом мире со смартфоном 6 серия 'Moving, and a
Touya turns down the offer of a knighthood and is given ownership of a large mansion instead. Touya asks all four girls to move in with him, which embarrasses them as they assumed the king intended the mansion to be for Touya and his future wife. They mistakenly assume this is Touya's way of saying he will one day marry all four of them, which
В другом мире со смартфоном 5 серия 'Slime Castle,
Touya is hired to investigate a magician researching Slime Beasts, something the girls are reluctant to do since Slimes dissolve clothing. They encounter numerous slimes and discover the magician had created a slime capable of transforming into a harem of beautiful girls before dying of old age. The girls, already angry at having their clothes
В другом мире со смартфоном 4 серия 'Engagement,
Duke Ortlinde asks Touya to cure the king. They encounter Count Balsa, an arrogant noble, who claims the poisoner is the ambassador to the Kingdom of Mismede. Touya easily cures the king and the king’s daughter, Yumina, immediately develops a crush on him. The Mismede ambassador turns out to be Olga, the fox-girl, who had sent the king poisoned
В другом мире со смартфоном 3 серия 'Shogi board,
Touya learns there are demi-human races, such as elves and beast-men and helps a lost fox-girl named Arma find her older sister, another fox-girl named Olga. Touya buys a magicians coat that protects magicians against magic they can use but makes them weaker against magic they can’t use, but since Touya can use every type of magic the coat
В другом мире со смартфоном 2 серия 'First Journey,
While on a quest delivering a letter to the royal capital Touya, Elze and Linze help a samurai named Kokonoe Yae fight off several thugs and invite her to join them. Touya continues to learn as many spells as he can, including rare Null Magic which has a variety of uses. They encounter a group of Lizard men summoned by a dark magician to attack a
В другом мире со смартфоном 1 серия 'Awakening, and
In heaven God apologises to Touya Mochizuki for accidentally killing him with lightning and offers to resurrect Touya into a new world. Touya accepts and asks if he can take his smartphone with him. God agrees and makes it so the phone can still connect to Earth’s internet and be recharged with magic. He also boosts Touya’s basic skills such as
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