Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон

Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 10 серия «Промашка»
Timon and Pumbaa get stung by a scorpion-like beatle. After learning that its venom is fatal after 24 hours and there is no cure for it, the two try to make their last day the best, with Timon acting nice towards every other animal in the Serengetti and Pumbaa getting the fame and fortune he deserves. However, when the time comes, they realize
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 9 серия «Наследники
Pumbaa's sayings causes the jungle's animals to get advice from him.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 8 серия «На просторах
Timon and Pumbaa find a genie's lamp and soon they wish for a million more wishes.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 7 серия «Пижоны из Джунглей»
While in Spain, Timon agitates El Toro during the Running of the Bulls.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 6 серия «Купи билет и
Timon wants a video game for Christmas. So he and Pumbaa get jobs at the mall, Pumbaa being Santa and Timon being an elf. Timon makes kids meet his every need or they won't get to talk to Santa. Then one of Santa's elves shows up and tells Timon he's on the naughty list. So Timon desperately tries to get on the nice list to get his video game.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 4 серия «Кто любит поострее?»
Timon and Pumbaa join a warthog army only to find out that a war is starting.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 3 серия «Цирковые клоуны»
Timon and Pumbaa enroll in a hedgehog professor's university where Pumbaa is smart and Timon procrastinates.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 2 серия «Пусти кабана на
Pumbaa mistakenly wins a beauty pageant when a fly gets trapped a machine and begins to neglect Timon.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 1 серия «Побег из Ньюарка»
Timon targets a strong bug to eat while Pumbaa acts like a hippie to prevent Timon from catching it.
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