София Прекрасная 2 сезон

София Прекрасная 2 сезон 28 серия «Верная подруга
All of the princesses are getting ready for the big magic festival. But the only one who is not allowed to go is princess Clio.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 27 серия «Лучница Кэрол»
Sofia meets local hero, Carol of the Arrow, and tries to do a good deed so she can join Carol's merry band.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 26 серия «Лютик-Эмбер»
Sofia and her friends go on an adventure to pearl valley, when princess Amber tags along.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 25 серия «Крошечная
When Sofia helps three wee sprites, her amulet grants her the power to become tiny. But when she disobeys her mother, the amulet curses her and prevents her from growing big.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 24 серия «Повесть о двух
It's field day at school and everybody is excited to play against each other, except Amber.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 23 серия «Медвежья услуга»
After teaming up with an over-eager fairy godmother, Sofia's friend Ruby learns that a little assistance is nice, but sometimes you have to do things on your own.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 22 серия «Соседство с
Sofia is trying to plan time with Clover, when strange new activities pop up. Sofia is going to have to choose Clover over friends.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 21 серия «Учитель Седрик»
Cedric steps in as substitute teacher for Sofia's sorcery class and helps the students of Royal Prep protect their school after a group of visiting pranksters arrive to wreak havoc.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 20 серия «Песенный
The animals are planning to put on a singing talent show. Crackle wants to sing in the show but her fire is getting in the way. Cedric jumps on the chance to take over the kingdom by using Crackle's flame that she wants to get rid of so she can sing in the show.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 19 серия «Зимние подарки
It's winter and Sofia and her friends are planning a holiday celebration and light show in the village.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 18 серия «Заклятие амулета
Princess Ivy has turned the whole kingdom of Enchancia black and white! It's up to Sofia and Amber to save the day.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 17 серия «Бэйли-бум»
Baileywick is cursed by a new castle steward, in an attempt to take over his job. Sofia decides to help him out by becoming his steward assistant.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 16 серия «Принцессы на
Sofia and Hildegard get stuck inside a painting, but finding an escape plan gets more complicated when Hildegard insists she knows everything.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 15 серия «Пернатые приматы»
Sofia and her friends bring their pets to school, but immediately regret the decision when they accidentally get scrambled during a sorcery class.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 14 серия «Изумрудный ключ»
Sofia and her family must figure out which of two mysterious visitors is a real princess.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 13 серия «Призрачный бал
Sofia tries to keep a ghost from scaring everyone out of the castle on Halloween.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 12 серия
On a trip to Wei-Ling, Sofia and Amber must rescue their families from a treasure-hoarding tiger.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 11 серия «Волшебные луга»
Sofia visits a magical retirement home for sorcerers and helps Cedric earn his family's powerful wand and his father's respect.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 10 серия «София ужасная»
Sofia casts a magic spell that creates a mischievous identical twin!
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 9 серия «Диковинки Гвен»
Sofia helps a young kitchen maid pursue her dream of being an inventor.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 8 серия «Бойся исполнений
Amber makes a wish in a wishing well that accidentally turns Sofia into a cat!
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 7 серия «Король на один
King Roland leaves James in charge of the kingdom for the day. Amber is convinced that James will ruin the kingdom. Meanwhile with the help of Sophia, Cedric and the townspeople James "tames" a baby giant.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 6 серия «Экзамен по
Sofia and her friends race to find a magical ingredient for their enchanted science projects.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 5 серия «Молчаливый рыцарь»
Sofia meets a brave knight who is ashamed of his odd voice.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 4 серия «Вместе с мамой»
Amber and James are invited to join Sofia's traditional Mother's Day picnic with her mom.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 3 серия «Корона летучих
Sofia teams up with Prince Hugo for the Flying Derby championship race.
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 2 серия «Волшебный пир
Cedric is preparing to show off his magical skills at the Enchanted Feast: a grand dinner for all of the kings and queens in the Tri-Kingdom Area. When the evil fairy Miss Nettle disguises herself as a powerful sorceress known as Sascha and takes over the feast after tricking Roland into welcoming her in by showering the royal family with gifts,
София Прекрасная 2 сезон 1 серия «Две принцессы и
Amber seeks a magic spell so she won't have to share her birthday with James.
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