Шарлотта 1 сезон 9 серия 'The World is Not in Here'
While attending the Zhiend concert with Nao, Yuu feels a familiar sensation upon hearing what is supposed to be a brand new song named "Trigger", suddenly causing him to have a sudden flashback. In these memories, Yuu and Ayumi are living together in a facility, where they are monitored for their abilities. When Ayumi's collapse ability caused
Шарлотта 1 сезон 8 серия 'Encounter'
After Yuu returns to school, Nao assembles the student council together to watch Yusa's new video before inviting Yuu to go a Zhiend concert with her. Later that day, Yuu comes across Zhiend's blind vocalist, Sara Shane, who treats him to dinner and hears about his recent loss. Believing it might help Kazuki, Yuu decides to take Sara to meet him,
Шарлотта 1 сезон 7 серия 'Beyond The Escape'
After the school collapse, Yuu wakes up in a hospital bed and is informed that Ayumi died. He subsequently enters shock and locks himself away in his apartment, becoming a recluse. Later on, Yumi comes by to talk to him but is turned away. Yuu ends up running away to another city and attempts to survive on snack foods while passing the time at a
Шарлотта 1 сезон 6 серия 'Happiness Never Noticed'
While Ayumi stays at home to recover from her fever, Yuu and the others learn that a student with a "collapse" ability is in the condo. As a result, Nao suspects Ayumi of being the ability user, believing she might be developing an ability of her own. As Yuu, Nao, and Yusa check up on her, Ayumi describes a dream she had about the ground suddenly
Шарлотта 1 сезон 5 серия 'The Sound You Heard
Learning of a user with the ability to fly, the student council camp out in the mountains where the user has been training to control his ability. During the first two nights, Yusa tells the other members about her relationship with Misa, while Yuu interacts with Nao, talking with her about the band Zhiend and her dream of filming them. He then
Шарлотта 1 сезон 4 серия 'Moment of Earnest'
After Yusa's loud transfer to Yuu's class, Nao brings her and the boys to their third task in Kannai Academy, where they believe a user with telekinesis is attending. As proof, Nao shows them footage of a baseball pitcher, Arifumi Fukuyama, who pitches differ greatly from the manner he throws them. After confronting Arifumi, who refuses to stop
Шарлотта 1 сезон 3 серия 'Love and Flame'
After Yuu eats lunch with Jōjirō at the cafeteria, he is assigned to his second task, which leads them to a user with supposedly two abilities. After investigating, the three come across popular singing idol and vocalist of the band How-Low-Hello, Yusa Nishimori, who is being chased by someone. With the help of her friend Shō, the
Шарлотта 1 сезон 2 серия 'Melody of Despair'
Yuu begins his life as a member of Hoshinoumi Academy's Student Council, whose job is to ensure the safety of students with supernatural powers. After receiving guidance from a boy named Kumagami, who can detect people with abilities, their first task leads them to Nanba High School, where they catch a student named Udoh who has the ability of
Шарлотта 1 сезон 1 серия 'I Think About Others'
Yuu Otosaka is a boy who wakes up one day and finds that he has the ability to temporarily possess anyone in his line of sight. Using this power to look at other students' answers during exams, Yuu manages to enter a prestigious school, where he once again uses his ability to woo the school's madonna, Yumi Shirayanagi. However, Yuu's perfect
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