Великий из бродячих псов

Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 12 серия 'Если бы
Atsushi and Akutagawa fail to call off the Moby Dick's descent. They search desperately for other ways to protect Yokohama.
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 11 серия 'Расёмон,
Atsushi searches desperately for the control terminal, which he would need to stop the Moby Dick from crashing into Yokohama. He's greeted by Akutagawa and Francis, both of whom have other plans in mind.
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 10 серия 'Часть
Rampo receives an invitation to a detective game from none other than E. A. Poe. He's indifferent at first, until Poe reveals what the reward would be should he win.
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 9 серия 'Двойной
The leaders of the Agency and the Port Mafia negotiate an alliance. Meanwhile, Dazai and Chuuya face off against Lovecraft.
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 8 серия 'Разум
Atsushi is abducted onto the Moby Dick. Meanwhile, Lovecraft succeeds in capturing Q. Francis F. and the Guild prepare to carry out what they call their "emergency plan."
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 7 серия 'Желание
John S. and Lovecraft hunt down Naomi and Haruno as they flee from town. While Atsushi and Dazai wait for them to arrive at the train station, Dazai notices a shady figure stalking him.
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 6 серия 'Стратегия
Mori, the leader of the Port Mafia, sends a letter to Margaret M. and Nathaniel H., threatening to destroy them and the ship they are protecting.
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 5 серия 'Конфликт
Trusting in a life that doesn't require her to kill, Kyouka works her first job at the Armed Detective Agency, but the job ends in a minor disaster. As Atsushi attempts to cheer her up, the unthinkable happens--Kyouka's inactive cell phone rings, and a voice orders Demon Snow to attack Atsushi.
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 4 серия 'Великий
While the leaders of the Port Mafia and the gifted special operations division meet via Ango, Dazai is close to discovering the true significance of the conflict between the three groups. However, in despair, Odasaku's deaf to Dazai's entreaties not to go alone to Mimic's headquarters where Gide awaits...
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 3 серия 'Комната,
The Port Mafia's council of five top executives has decreed that Mimic must be annihilated. In the ensuing battle, Odasaku has a fateful encounter with Gide, the leader of Mimic, who makes a cryptic prophecy. Night falls, and the usual bar now awaits Dazai, Odasaku and Ango...
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 2 серия
В этот раз Осаму и его напарнику предстоит охота на опасного зверя, терроризирующего округу. И как-то так получилось, что именно этот зверь стал причиной изгнания Ацуши...
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 1 серия 'Тёмный
Ацуши Накаджиму размашистым пинком выставили из сиротского приюта. Потерявший крышу над головой и обессилевший от голода, юноша, однако, не утратил волю к жизни и даже нашел в себе силы подняться из положения «лежа». В порыве безудержного гнева, вперемешку с горькой обидой, он решил, что единственный способ выжить — грабеж средь бела дня. На
Великий из бродячих псов 1 сезон 11 серия
In the aftermath of Atsushi and Dazai's abduction, the Agency must decide what to do with Kyouka, the loose end. Meanwhile, the Port Mafia also deliberates what to do with Akutagawa, now comatose, as his enemies seek vengeance...
Великий из бродячих псов 1 сезон 10 серия 'Расёмон
Dazai has a face-off with his ex-partner, Chuuya, as Chuuya attempts to uncover Dazai's true intentions for letting himself get captured. Meanwhile, Atsuhi faces Akutagawa's intense and inexplicable hatred for him, as the ship continues on to the meeting place where he will be handed off in exchange for the bounty on his...
Великий из бродячих псов 2 сезон 9 серия 'Красивые
Kyouka was made into an assassin by those who abused her ability, and Atsushi can't help but feel sympathy toward her. Unable to turn her in to the military police, Atsushi ends up taking her out on a date. Meanwhile, Akutagawa is busy berating his former supervisor--Dazai.
Великий из бродячих псов 1 сезон 8 серия 'Забери
Dazai goes missing, but the Agency operatives feel it's just business as usual. Meanwhile, Atsushi accompanies Yosano Akiko on a shopping expedition, where they are suddenly plunged into the middle of a terrorist bomb threat by one of the Port Mafia...
Великий из бродячих псов 1 сезон 7 серия 'Любовь к
Following the Azure Messenger's bomb threat, the Armed Detective Agency must race to prevent the deaths of hundreds, which would taint the Agency forever. However, Dazai's seemingly distracted by Sasaki Nobuko, the lone survivor of their raid on the abandoned hospital...
Великий из бродячих псов 1 сезон 6 серия 'Небесный
The Agency investigates a series of disappearances in Yokohama. Kunikida enlists the help of a hacker named Taguchi Rokuzou, but all they find are photos of the victims and mention of a mysterious figure called the Azure Messenger. They follow the trail of clues to an abandoned hospital...
Великий из бродячих псов 1 сезон 5 серия 'Убийство
After repelling the Port Mafia's Black Lizards with deceptive ease, Atsushi is tasked with accompanying Rampo to a case. Skeptical of the self-dubbed great detective who seems to lack all common sense, Atsushi is about to witness Rampo's ability first-hand...
Великий из бродячих псов 1 сезон 3 серия
Now an official member of the Agency after passing their entrance exam, Atsushi is assigned to his first case right away with Tanizaki and Naomi. Though deceptively simple on the surface, there's more than meets the eye...
Великий из бродячих псов 1 сезон 2 серия 'Некая
Despite joining the Armed Detective Agency, Nakajima lacks convection that he'd be of any use. Just as he's about to bid the agency farewell, a bomber takes over the agency with one of the agency employees as his hostage...!
Великий из бродячих псов 1 сезон 1 серия 'Жизнь
Нашего главного героя Асуши внезапно лишили всего: крова, воды и еды, надежды на существование, одним легким пинком из приюта. Бедняга уже настроился вести аморальный образ жизни - воровать и убивать, однако первой его жертвой оказался необычный детектив со сверхспособностями. Дазай Асамо, а именно так звали этого удивительного человека, поведал
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