Фронт кровавой блокады

Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 12 серия 'Hello,
The members of Libra gather to defend Leo as he rushes to reach the King of Despair in order to confront him, not only for Black and White's sake, but to save the city as well.
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 11 серия'Paint it
As the origins of White and her brother are revealed, the King of Despair uses the power of Leo's eyes to ignite a huge catastrophe on Hellsalem's Lot during Halloween.
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 10 серия'Run!
Leo, Zapp and Zed's lunch time turn to the bizarre when they come into several restaurants, one weirder than the other, until they are dragged to a heated battle along Klaus and Steven. Afterwards, Leo is cornered by the King of Despair and White, who want to use him their own, personal reasons.
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 9 серия'Z's Longest
"Blood Battle God" Raju Jugei Shizuyoshi, founder of the Big Dipper Style Blood Technique and Zapp's master brings in a new pupil of his to help with the Elder Blood threat in Hellsalem's Lot.
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 8 серия 'Z's Longest
Zapp has spent his days leisurely until a Blood Breed appears at the city and he is tasked by his master to seal it off.
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 7 серия'A
After failing to beat Klaus in a fight multiple times, a fed-up Zapp tricks Klaus into thinking he was kidnapped by an underground fighting ring so he would sign up to fight. Klaus enters while Leo tags along, but the two get more than they bargained for after Leo discovers the ringmaster is an Elder Blood in disguise.
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 6 серия'Don't Forget
Leo meets a mushroom-like alien named Amagranoff Luozontam Ouv Lee Nej and the two become friends, usually eating hamburgers together, until a duo of thugs decide to make a quick buck using Nej's secret power, drawing them to trouble
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 5 серия'The
Aligula, best known as the "Queen of Monomania", starts a rampage through the city seeking the object of her desire, Dog Hummer, whose body she fused with another crush of hers, Deldro Brody into a single being. While Leo is being captive by Aligula, the members of Libra seek Dog and Deldro's help to stop her.
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 4 серия'Blood Line
The members of Libra discover, thanks to Leo's power, that vampires appeared in the city and the vampire hunter Blitz "Lucky" Abrahms arrives to assist them.
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 3 серия'A Game
A dangerous drug appears in the streets and to stop it from being distributed, Klaus von Reinhertz, the leader of Libra, bets his own life in a long game against an unbeatable opponent. Meanwhile, Leonardo meets and befriends White, a beautiful and enigmatic girl.
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 2 серия'After the
Some monsters involved in a shady business kidnap Leonardo once he figures them out with his power and his friends from Libra run against time to save him.
Фронт кровавой блокады 1 сезон 1 серия'Secret
Leonardo Watch is a young man whose special power, the "All Seeing Eyes" catches the attention of Libra, a special organization that enforces order on Hellsalem's Lot, a region of New York where all sort of supernatural beings coexist with humans.
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